As the longest-running urban holistic center for personal growth and spiritual practice, our mission is to be deeply attuned to the spirit of the times and to present programs that bring a holistic, ecological and spiritual worldview into the contemporary world. We were born in the heart of New York City to address the real life problems of city dwellers, providing access to both the ancient wisdom traditions of our world, as well as the new and cutting edge most pertinent to self and society.


We envision a conscious society where there is a harmonious relationship between ourselves, each other and the planet.

One open to the world’s mystical traditions, eager to learn from neglected health and wisdom sources and dedicated to the inner growth and human potential of all.


The Open Center’s purpose is to advance and further the creation of a more conscious world, and to do so from the standpoint of urban America, where different cultures, ethnicities, beliefs and races converge and coexist in harmony. For over 37 years, we have presented a diverse offering of dynamic programs of different practices, traditions and belief systems, so that we may learn from each other to find the path best suited for ourselves.

“I love the open center programs. Thank you so much for being an oasis for all of us looking for tranquility and healing.”
– Martha Zabala

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