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The world we live in influences who we become, and we are in need of a cultural reawakening. In Society & Ecology coursework, we cover an array of disciplines — from the natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities — concerned with the relationship between society and the life-supporting ecosystems on which human well-being ultimately depends. Together, we examine how we live, how we die, grief and loss, caretaking and how to be present with what is going on both inside and around us.

As a leader in Thanatology, The Open Center’s The Art of Dying Institute is a foundational offering within our Society & Ecology coursework. Click here for more information on The Art of Dying Institute and our long-term training and certifications for Thanatology.

  • The Art of Dying Institute 
  • Environmentalism 
  • Holistic Science 
  • Civic Engagement & Holistic Activism 
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