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Getting To Know You: How To Connect To Our Soul To Move Our Life Forward

with Lorna Byrne

An Afternoon Event
Saturday, July 17, 2021, 12:00 – 4:00 pm ET

In the world today, many people feel a sense of disconnection with themselves, others and the world around them. According to spiritual teacher and international bestselling author Lorna Byrne one source of this disconnection is that we have forgotten we are spiritual beings, and instead emphasize our human side as the center of our existence.

When we ask ourselves “Who Am I?” This is our spiritual side speaking to us. Many of us know our human side well but view our spiritual side with uncertainty and fear of the unknown. The spiritual side of ourselve​s​ is our soul, our true essence. It is here where we find the real source of our power, the positivity that can inspire us, the mystery of our own uniqueness, and the love that exists within us.

In this afternoon workshop, we will learn how we can connect to this deeper, spiritual side of ourselves so we can:

  • Wake up our confidence and belief in ourselves to move ahead in life
  • Gain more understanding of our own uniqueness to transform our mindset and better connect to others around us.
  • Re-connect to the strength, power and love in us to develop trust in ourselves and our decisions.
  • Learn about our power of positivity, its ability to improve our lives and how not to allow others to take it from us.
  • Connect to our guardian angel and understand their guidance and direction.
  • Discover ways to bring calm and stillness into your life.

Join us together to learn from Lorna in a relaxed format with conversations and questions, tailored exercises and meditation. There will also be an opportunity to come together with the community in our special break-out rooms where you can meet many like-minded people.

Note: There will be a 15 minute break included throughout the afternoon; a 30 minute Q&A, and a 5 minute Blessing.

Click HERE to read What if You Had a Guardian Angel by Lorna Byrne.
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Note: This program will be offered online. Sessions of all our online programs will be recorded and shared with registrants after each is completed for 90 days.


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  • Zoom Software Requirements: This is an online course that requires Zoom webinar software. Zoom is easy to use. Click HERE to make sure your computer is set-up correctly.

Getting To Know You: How To Connect To Our Soul To Move Our Life Forward

  • 1 Session(s)
  • Jul 17 2021 12:00 PM ET





World renowned spiritual teacher, international bestselling author and philanthropist Lorna Byrne is an inspiration to millions of people around the world. She sees angels physically, like you would see a person sitting in front of you.


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