What started with an idea from Jean McClelland has turned into something bigger and more beautiful than I imagined. To each of you, in our teaching community, especially those of you who have donated your time this June, I cannot thank you enough for your past and present dedication to The Open Center’s mission and, of course, our community. You have each stepped forward, volunteered your time, your expertise and your passion to this mission we all share. Thank you for making time in your busy lives. 

To everyone else, we hope to see your faces –
our summer fundraising series can’t happen without you. You can share a program with a friend, sign up yourself, or make a donation in the month of June. 

When it comes to the work of personal transformation, the more is not only the merrier, but also the more impactful. Each person is an extension of our mission to help heal society through spiritual and holistic practices. And we’re honored to have our favorite teachers along with our favorite students all in this, together.

The warmest of thanks from all of us at the Open Center.

With love,


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