Tracking Wonder

by Jeffrey Davis

In a world obsessed with work and productivity, many people feel broken by distraction, disengagement, and a default reactivity to life’s surprises, but can rediscover their innate genius to lead a more creative life rooted in the present. In the new book Tracking Wonder, Jeffrey Davis – an acclaimed teacher, consultant and speaker – presents a science-based, soul-centered counter-approach to hyper-productivity that speaks to the cultural moment of “workism” and languishing.

Davis offers an eye-opening and mind-expanding exploration of wonder and how to nurture its profound capacity to reverse apathy and heal burnout.

For over 15 years, he has researched, interviewed, and worked with luminaries across cultures and professions to identify wonder as the single universal experience that opens us to create awakening across all walks of life. As Davis writes, “Imagine wonder as a multi-faceted prism through which you can see and experience your days anew.” Tracking Wonder is the first book to examine six facets of wonder – openness, curiosity, bewilderment, hope, connection and admiration – and how to foster them in work, creativity and relationships. Each chapter’s “Tracking Wonder Journey” feature invites readers to approach a day with more mindfulness and curiosity.

Click HERE to read an excerpt of the first chapter of Tracking Wonder.

Jeffrey Davis is an author, team culture consultant, educator and CEO of Tracking Wonder Consultancy. For over 25 years, he’s inspired thousands of change-makers, leaders and creatives to unlock their best ideas through the pursuit of curiosity, innovation and wonder. He writes for Psychology Today and other outlets on the intersections among creativity, work and human flourishing. He has taught and spoken at numerous conferences, universities and centres. MORE

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