“There is more and more science that proves that stimulating acupuncture points (acu points) has many health benefits. Relieving pain, activating your immune system, and even calming your mind are just a few of the many benefits.”
– William Kaplanidis

By William Kaplanidis

There are 361 acu points on the 12 main meridians and dozens of extra points discovered over the centuries. Each has a specific location, depth and function to help the body, mind and spirit.

The bioelectrical flow of energy or qi (chee) not only connects with the nervous system but separate currents have also been measured. Some believe that the fascia in the body may be the main pathway for this flow and would explain how stimulating points near the surface can affect organs or areas further away on the body.

Some acu points are more shallow and can be stimulated with a light touch and some are deeper and require a needle or focused pressure. For some acu points like Nei Guan/Pericardium (PC) 6, the location is very precise. While some acu points, like Qu Quan/Liver (LV) 8 have what we call a fair field. One may need to palpate the area to zero in on the exact location for the individual. There are other ways to stimulate acu points including with electricity, heat, topical oils/herbs, light, vibration, qigong and visualization.

The field of Energy Psychology uses touch and tapping of specific acu points as an adjunct to psychotherapy further demonstrating the versatility and mind-body connection inherent in the acu points.

While there are hundreds of acu points there are a dozen or so I consider power points because they carry out many functions at one time. Learning how to apply acupressure on these “go to” acu points can be a great first step in relieving a particular symptom or as a health maintenance tool.

In my acupuncture practice, in addition to acupressure, I often add one or more of my Acuformulas to certain points to add the extra benefits of aromatherapy and topical absorption of medicinal oils and herbs. This is especially helpful to those who are afraid of trying needles at first. It is also something that can be taught to do at home empowering you even more in your healing process.

William J. Kaplanidis, LAc, MS, MA, a licensed acupuncturist with 35 years’ experience in several healing and martial arts, developed the Acudragon® Wellness System to rapidly and safely assist people on their path to healing and transformation. He has helped thousands through his individual treatment sessions in his private practice in NYC and his many classes.


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