The New Year begins on the heels of the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in social Aquarius, calling us to a higher level of collective consciousness, group efforts and the liberty that comes from both individual and collective efforts.


This year in particular we are called to find our like minded community and pursue our freedom, bliss, healing and happiness together. The Open Center offers many great classes and workshops that support the evolutionary leap that we are poised to take this year. Here are some ideas for classes at The Open Center that might resonate with each sign of the zodiac, in this extraordinary year as we seek elevation and liberation together. I encourage you to look through all of the inspiring programs HERE and regardless of your sign, feel into what truly resonates for you. My suggestions are merely a starting point, but may guide you toward your awaiting bliss!

Blessings to all in this year of evolution and liberation!

Meet the Planetary Gods: Using Astrology to Discover our Strengths & Challenges
with Demitra Vassiliadis

(5 Sessions) Wednesdays, January 13 – February 10, 2021, 7:00 – 8:30 pm EST

Free Intro class on Wednesday, January 6 at 7:00 pm EST

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Explore your sign below:


The sign of the ram and the warrior, always benefits from taking initiative and developing the self. Classes in Tai Chi and personal development, as well as classes in training and acquisition of skills that advance personal empowerment and individuation are always good for Aries, as are workshops that develop resilience. Likewise classes that assist in healing from trauma, which often goes untreated in the sign of the warrior. Aries rules the brain, so the workshop on the brain as well as the class on neuroscience may be of interest. Though Aries is the sign of rugged individualism, it is a sign that longs for partnership, making classes on relationships, or the sexual energy workshop of interest.


Taurus, the earthiest and most sensual of earth signs, always benefits from a grounding practice like chair yoga, QiGong and bodywork that is both soothing and pleasurable. Taurus rules interior hearing and may benefit from the workshop on intuition to develop this latent power. Classes on abundance and manifestation are also aligned with the sign of earthy manifestation. Taurus like Aries, yearns for depth, intimacy and astral connection so classes on tantra, shamanism and emotional healing may also resonate. Body centered classes on the chakras, and healing with sound are a natural fit for Taurus. This earthy sign would also enjoy the Green wisdom class, essential oils and herbalist or cooking classes.


The winged messenger of the zodiac is born to learn, teach and communicate, delighting in and benefitting from a variety of pursuits. Gemini the sign of duality might love the polarity immersion class, as well as the classes on voice, the brain, mind/body, creativity, writing and community building. Gemini has a thirst for knowledge and may find the astrology class, and world traditions to be of great interest opening new portals of deeper understanding. To calm the Gemini nervous system, meditation, mindfulness and grounding yoga are recommended. Gemini a natural writer would also benefit from the writing, memoir class or any teacher trainings that resonate.


The sign of soulful nurturing, history and ancestry, might benefit from ancestral wisdom, memoir writing and ancient wisdom classes. This emotionally sensitive sign might also enjoy exploring classes on emotional healing, depression if needed and cleansing, as Cancer can be a retain feelings and may need support to release them. Cancer rules nesting and cooking, and may enjoy classes on cooking with herbs and Feng Shui. Some lovely body work, gentle chair yoga and journaling may be the right medicine to allow Cancerians the self care they greatly benefit from. The Full Moon ceremonies are especially aligned with Moon ruled Cancer, as are wise woman workshops.


The sign of the artist, the leader and the sacred child within, always benefits from classes on creativity, self expression, color therapy and personal development. This sign that rules the heart would also benefit on relationship workshops and emotional healing, especially aimed at the inner child. Leo is a sign that loves the mythic and archetypal, and may enjoy the astrology class, the archetypes workshops along with any trainings that increase leadership skills. Leo also loves the regal beauty of ceremony and exploring the realm of the mythic and world traditions, Leo, the sign of the animal kingdom might have a special talent for animal communication.


The sign of cleansing, healing and botanical health and nutrition would benefit from the workshops on cleansing, healing foods, herbal preparations and all workshops geared to health, including mental health, mindfulness, nutrition, palliative care, nutritional protocols, Chinese medicine, plant medicine, pulse and tongue diagnosis and more. In looking through the classes I encourage the Virgo’s to scroll through the class list and see what resonates! There are so many healing classes to choose from! To calm the Virgo mind a meditation or grounding body practice like chair yoga might be lovely. The healing power of psychedelics may also be of interest.


The sign of beauty, balance and justice always benefits from yoga and any practice like meditation and polarity therapy that restores balance. The class on balance is a sure fit for Libra, as well as the relationship workshops and social justice offerings. Chakra healing may be another beautiful way for Libra’s to learn to restore balance. This sign would also benefit from tantra, sexuality workshops and essential oils. Feng Shui to bring the home into beauty and balance is another sure fit. Libra might also benefit from sacred sound, the beauty of rituals and any body work that is healing and pleasurable. This Venusian sign may also delight in classes on art, creativity and writing.


This sign of empowerment, transformation, death, rebirth and all things taboo is a natural fit with classes on shamanism, death and dying, sexuality, depression, thanatology, emotional healing, soul retrieval, sexual energy healing, ancestral wisdom, suicide, afterlife and any classes aimed at empowerment and depth work, including teacher trainings. Likewise energy practices like Reiki, as well as the workshops on transformation, trauma, ancestry, and vibrations may resonate. Some classes to simply ground and provide peace and pleasure like breath work, creativity and yoga or sound healing may also be a good counter balance to the depths.


This philosophical sign of world wisdom and travel could enjoy every class on the roster, but may especially enjoy class on ancient traditions, archetypes, ceremony, indigenous knowledge, shamanism, taoism, tantra, teacher trainings, writing, Tibetan traditions, world traditions and astrology. Sagittarius rules mandala systems and is one of the great teachers and perennial students of the zodiac. Gratitude, abundance and manifesting are natural fits for the most generous sign of the zodiac, They may also have a great story to tell so memoir writing may also resonate along with many other classes offered. Also teacher trainings in a beloved subject are a home run.


The sign of the mountain goat is heading out of an unprecedented year of foundational change and transformation. Saturn and Jupiter have left Capricorn, but Pluto the planet of energy and transformation remains for a few years. This year executive Capricorn benefits from Acupressure, Reiki, teacher trainings and advanced teacher trainings, classes on depression, detoxifying and all practices that restore balance and grounded well being. Capricorn governs elders and is a natural for end of life, wise woman traditions and therapist trainings. Capricorn will be exploring new levels of abundance this year so workshops on manifesting, creativity, empowerment and self expression are also aligned.


This sign of the water bearer is calling us to a new level of community connection and mental liberation this year as Saturn and Jupiter form an alliance in Aquarius. All group work is aligned with Aquarius especially social rights movements, community building, experiential workshop, indigenous knowledge, indigenous healing, world traditions and relationships. Aquarius also benefits from personal focus on creativity, emotional healing and all healing that aims to liberate one from outworn binding patterns. Aquarius, the technology sign might love bio feedback, neuro science and vortex healing. To learn more about the titanic planetary line up in their sign they might enjoy the astrology class.


The most sensitive and visionary sign of the zodiac always benefits from classes on cleansing, sound healing and herbal nutrition to support maximum health and well being. Pisces may also be a natural fit for class on the afterlife being naturally ethereal. Pisces is the most attuned to the spiritual realm, calling them to the classes offered on spirituality, spiritual teachings and spiritual practice. This visionary sign may benefit from creativity workshops as well as writing, the arts and all forms of self expression. All healing modalities can also be of benefit to ground this sensitive empath. Look through the healing workshops especially those that link body and mind.

Demitra Vassiliadis has been a practicing astrologer for 25 years in NYC. Her services include: natal chart, solar return and synastry readings, as well as electional astrology. Demitra teaches at several holistic centers, including: Deepak Chopra’s Homebase at ABC Carpet, SunRaven Wellness Centers, Omega Institute, New Age Health Spa and she was the house astrologer for the Monteverde Inn & Spa.

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