What you enjoyed most about the Integrative Thanatology training?

I enjoyed the community the most. I love being in spaces with others that have an interest in the topic of death and dying. I also was taking it to discover whether I wanted to make mental health therapy a part of my next career choice; specifically in the area of grief and loss. I fortunately discovered that I much rather it be something I do as a hobby, interest and passion alongside my career. I was very thankful to discover that before making a big life shift!

What made you choose this training at The Open Center?

My mother had always been a fan of The Open Center and loved the trainings they offered. After she died, I kept reading the emails and newsletters a little more closely, seeing if there were trainings that appealed to me. I had just finished a Living and Dying Consciously workshop in November and I felt this was a great next step in my learning.

What have you been doing since the training? How has this training made a difference in your career/life?

As I mentioned, this was very helpful in allowing me to become aware of how I wanted it to fit into my life and I’m so thankful I discovered this, since I had been quite lost prior. However, this did allow me to plunge forward in my volunteering. I am now a Teacher Assistant in a new grief workshop beginning this October! It is called Walk the Labyrinth of Grief and here is more information!


What surprised you most about this training?

Honestly I just became more and more surprised that everyone is not trying to spend more time contemplating death and dying, the process, and the care involved. I had heard this, and then very much discovered it for myself, that when you spend time thinking and believing your own death is inevitable, it gives you more joy to live!

Certificate in the Art of Dying: Integrative Thanatology – A Death Education Counselor Program
February 18, 2022 – June 19, 2022

Lila Chase, MA, is a special education curriculum developer. She taught as a special education teacher in New York and Washington for 8 years. After her wonderful mother, Linda died in 2019, Lila took a Conscious Transitions: Living with Dying workshop. She then completed the certificate program in the Art of Dying: Integrative Thanatology through The Open Center. During this training, she focused on grief and living with loss. Lila is excited to continue her journey as both a student and teacher in the death, dying, and grieving space. She lives in Boulder, Colorado with her funny, kind, smart and supportive husband, Brandon and their silly and adorable dog, Rainbow.

Lila will be an Assistant Teacher/Group Leader for the following program:
October 13 – November 17, 2021
Walking The Labyrinth of Grief: Tools, Practices and Rituals for Living with Loss

Free Intro: Thursday, 10/7, 7:00 pm ET

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