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Color Intuition Practices for Healing, Protection & Guidance

with laura alden kamm


Color has power. It grabs our attention and can make us feel passionate, anxious or comforted. But the power and healing frequencies of color go beyond the colors we physically see with our eyes. We can learn to use basic colors to increase or decrease physical conditions or emotions.

In this unique experiential program,
you’ll learn to use the frequencies of color to help you heal conditions such as chronic fatigue or restore core energy; or how to apply and interpret color to support physical healing — bones, inflammation, a foggy brain and much more.

We will also explore how the art of Color Intuition can be of help to us in our careers, relationships and homes by helping us shift our intuitive perceptual skills to reach new levels.

Other topics will include:

  • altering your emotions
  • energy and nervous system within seconds
  • applications for protection and spiritual connection
  • and decoding colors for practical and spiritual wisdom.

Join Laura Kamm to learn how you can unlock the sacred vault of color wisdom to heal your body, calm your mind, unleash your creativity and make better life decisions.

Click HERE to read Meet the Teacher: Laura Alden Kamm.

Note: This program will be offered online. Sessions of all our online programs will be recorded and shared with registrants after each is completed for 90 days.


  • Prerequisites: N/A
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  • Zoom Software Requirements: This is an online course that requires Zoom webinar software. Zoom is easy to use. Click HERE to make sure your computer is set-up correctly.

A One-Day Workshop

Saturday, January 16, 2021 | 10:00 am  – 1:00 pm & 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm EST

Color Intuition Practices for Healing, Protection & Guidance

  • 1 Session(s)
  • Jan 16 2021 10:00 AM ET





Laura Alden Kamm, an internationally respected teacher and author, with over 40 years of experience teaching structure, science and practical applications of Intuition, Medical Intuition and Energy Medicine.


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