Meet Laura Alden Kamm, an internationally respected teacher and author, with over 40 years of experience teaching structure, science and practical applications of Intuition, Medical Intuition and Energy Medicine.

How did you become interested in this line of work? (tell us a little bit about your background)

I’ve had a an unusual path leading to my work in the fields of human evolution, intuition, and life’s teachings. I’ve always been able to see what is unseen to others. This skill led me to study architecture at University. However, in the middle of my studies, I became ill, went blind and died.

Coming back from that experience, there was an interesting calling inside of me to help other people within the medical community; yet, for my position outside of the medical community.

I’ve never had any training in any healing modalities. After my illness and recovery, I literally stepped up to the healing table and began my work in hands-on-healing, now called energy medicine. Medical assessments simply followed a natural course with healing. As. Result of listen to and following my voice within, this journey has taken to around the world, connecting with the most wondrous souls imaginable for forty years.

Please share a wellness tip or word of advice that relates to the workshop you will be presenting.

As you read this, take a look at your nearest bookshelf or a shelf in your closet, kitchen or even garage. Pick a bookshelf or shelving that is out of control with stuff. What do you feel in your body when you look at this? Burdened? Exhausted just looking at it? Wishing you were some where else? Questioning why you haven’t looked at or moved these things for a long time?

Whatever you’re feeling, pay attention to the language which comes to mind, as well as any feelings in your body.

Now, adjust your eyes to a softened perception, as if you’re looking through the bookshelf, not at it. What do you recognize as the most most common color? Make note of that color.

With your eyes still soft, look holistically at the various shapes the objects project, in groups or if an object or two dominate the shelf. Make note of this.

Now, strip it down. Intuitively start removing objects that just do not fit on this shelf, for whatever reason you hear and know.

Now, remember the common color and how that color made you feel? If you felt a positive emotion, good for you. Perhaps you simply need to declutter and rearrange the shapes and flow of the shelf.

If you felt anything other than yippie skippy, ask your body what pop of color you need to add to this shelf space that when you look at it, it brings a smile to your body and your face. Still uncluttered the shelf and breathe new spacious life to the space.

If you felt burdened before, intuitively ask your body what color(s) create a feeling of and upliftment? If you felt like you’d rather be somewhere else, what color(s) upwell a feeling of home, comfort and contentment? If you felt restless, intuit the color that is calming.

Take this concept into any particular vignette you have in your home. Where you eat your meals. What do you look at when you get into bed at night? What’s around you where you mediate or pray or just relax? Check out your closet, office, etc. You get the idea.

Color affects our nervous systems, which effects everything else — spirit, mind, choices, energy, and body. Having pops of colors when you walk into a particular areas of your home, can bring out the feeling you want to experience in that space.
May of us do this when we first move into a new space. Put life and activity, like growing vines, take over our space and we get used to it without know what’s really happening.

Many of us pay attention to these details when we first move in to a new spece. However, like the frog in a slow-to-boil pot of water, we soft focus the clutter into the back of our minds. The colors of our life begin to fade into the corner as a result.

A pop of color can shift you from a sour mood into one of ease, comfort, and stellar problem solving within a few minutes.

Look around. The colors around you are most certainly influencing the colors of your mood, choices and energy within you.


What or who inspires you? (This could be anything from your mentor to your favorite quote)

As a writer, my favorite quote is by Samuel Clemens, “If I had more time I would have written a shorter letter.”

For my life, I do my best to follow the wisdom in the quote from Buddha, “Neither jagged criticism nor flowery praise will keep me from my path.” And from Christ, “The kingdom of heave is within.” It certainly is…. These quotes keep me in my heart, on my toes and on my path.


What personal or professional accomplishments are you most proud of?

Personally, it’s my family. All of my family, birth and extended.

From a life point of view, which includes my professional life, it’s that I wake up every day asking how I can make someone else’s life better. Then I say to myself, “Stay on the path.” At the end of the day, I say, “I love you God.”

Dying changes you. Family and service and doing the tings I love, which are really quite simple — writing, cooking with family, forests and any time in nature, and seeing other parts of the world and the way other’s live and walk this earth.

I’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to serve countless numbers of people around the world. That has been both a professional and a very personal joy.


Laura Alden Kamm, an internationally respected teacher and author, with over 40 years of experience teaching structure, science and practical applications of Intuition, Medical Intuition and Energy Medicine.

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