Seven Great Secrets of Life contribute to and inform my Crisis Feng Shui class.

They serve as a philosophical and conceptual basis to help guide us through difficult times and to move toward better personal futures.

They are implemented for use in the variety of Feng Shui and personal Chi adjustments, movement techniques, and meditation methods the course includes. The list of techniques which is part of the course’s description, is a detailed yet partial list of what you will learn to test, make real and benefit from the principles presented here.

  • The Truth of Emptiness This is the Buddha’s radical core teaching that if we look for and seek to find a solid self, we encounter the process of perception, natural and essential to human beings by which we create a sense of separation between ourselves and the world. The Heart Calming Method opens the door to this teaching in a simple way which calms and pacifies our minds and gives a glimpse of our inherent Buddha nature. That alone is wonderful. But the style of H.H. Prof. Lin Yun’s teachings also opens the way for a deeper study of Perfection of Wisdom teachings. Ultimately each part of the perception process can itself become a wisdom.

  • The Bigger Self We may not have a solid self but we do have a bigger self. There is the conscious person we know. There is also the subconscious and unconscious ‘We’. Taken together, these have been called the It, a working experimental concept elaborated by the great forefather of psychoanalysis Dr. Georg Groddeck, an idea which has a strong connection to the Tibetan idea of the Lha, or soul. How to make friends with the bigger self, how to become more integrated, how to better and more deeply agree with yourself has been part of my work of many years toward a fluent ‘transcendental psychoanalysis ‘ informed by many tools including from Bon, Buddhism, Shamanic teachings and Internal martial traditions of China.

  • Loving Kindness I’ve long known about, yet have become ever more aware in recent months, of the great importance of compassion, loving kindness, altruism, and the attitude of taking care of all beings, as having several magnificent advantages. Loving kindness and compassion leads us toward both purification and wisdom. It supports our ability to remain mostly sane and turn our challenges into benefits. It makes us better partners, parents and friends and may help us identify and use our deep or intimate relationships as a key part of our unfolding paths.

  • Movement, Wisdom and Energy The name of the Great Goddess of Egypt and later the Graeco-Roman world, Isis, means both wisdom and movement at the same time This dynamic can include learning to let our Chi flow, how to avoid being stuck, and how the sweetness of life energy can be embraced and incorporated.

  • Heaven, Human and Earth The fundamental idea of the similar conditioning and functioning of the Cosmos, the Individual, and the Earth allows us to apply universal principle to our homes and lives. For fifty years, I have identified this concept as a “universal idea in Feng Shui and Geomancy”. We’ll draw upon its skillful application in helping you make your home a fortress of comfort and repose.

  • Shamanic Animism Everything is alive. You will learn to apply this idea to your bed and pillows, desk and chair, and to other aspects of your environment to create an envelope of power whose potential energy can help fulfill your wishes.

  • Principles of Transcendental Crisis Management This special teaching provides the core of how to face
    problems, handle difficulties, finally put them behind you and, ultimately, survive, overcome and thrive.


Feng Shui: How to Strengthen, Calm & Thrive While Living Through a Time of Crisis
A Weekly Class
(3 Sessions) Tuesdays, December 1 – December 15, 2020, 7:00 – 9:00 pm EST
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Steven Post

First Feng Shui consultant and teacher in the U.S., scholar, and educator, he was designated as authoritative in Feng Shui by H.H. Prof. Lin Yun, the spiritual master who brought Feng Shui to the United States. Steven has been a practitioner since 1970 and was assigned to create the foundation for professional Feng Shui Education in the US. Steven is recognized as “Feng Shui’s Walking Encyclopedia,” and is the author of The Modern Book of Feng Shui.

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