What is healing? Where does it come from? What are the sacred steps taken to access this profound force?

My work is based on the teachings and healer-training model of Dr. Barbara Brennan, the world-renowned bestselling author and founder of the international Barbara Brennan School of Healing where I was the former School Dean. I trained and worked directly with Barbara for twenty years.


The primary emphasis in training Brennan healers focuses on the healer’s ability to open up to their own internal healing aspects (in Brennan Work called the Four Dimensions of Human Kind – Physical, Aura, Hara, and Core Star). Through this internal opening and alignment, the healer not only nourishes and brings healing to their own energy system, but also becomes a source of these healing energies for others. Also, when aligned in this healing way, the healer is able to connect more deeply with the larger external forces of healing support, and all of these aspects combine together to allow the healer to develop a true and strong healing presence.

The beauty of Brennan work is that there are logical steps to the process described above that everyone is able to do. Though some are deeply called to be a practicing healer, everyone who wishes has the ability to progress along the path of healing transformation using these methods.

Aura Dimension (and Physical Dimension)

We start with the Auric Dimension, with the purpose of opening your chakras to more fully nourish and strengthen your Auric field and bring it into greater balance. Each of your chakras has deep consciousness that represents aspects of your life expression, and this chakra work touches all areas of your life. You should work to sense into each of your individual chakras, front and back, and in doing so, you will gain insight into which aspects of your life force are saying “yes” to life, and which aspects are more resistant or blocked, saying “no” to full expression.

Often in this exploration, individuals find that they have adopted chakra patterns and energy habits that result in their energy field getting depleted. You can learn skills for developing a more enlivened chakra flow and awareness, and bring rejuvenation to your energy system. This chakra work will also benefit your Physical Dimension and help to enliven your physical body’s innate capacity for healing.

Chakras are also the vehicle for developing your high sense perception. Expanded sensing ability is an essential tool for an energy healer and the work I do with my students provides opportunities to explore and grow their own natural capacities for sensing, knowing and feeling energies with: their hands, their inner knowing, visually, and with their emotions and heart.


Working next with the Hara Dimension, my students will explore their deeper intention for their life, and be guided to more deeply connect with their soul’s inner whispers and callings. Often clients come to a healer when they feel they are somehow no longer in alignment with their deeper soul’s path – causing them to experience stress and have a sense of being lost to themselves.

Greater awareness of your soul’s true direction and purpose is important for personal healing, and also is a necessary inquiry for the healer-in-training. When a healer is able to link their deepest inner truths and purpose with the power of an open and full energy system, their healing ability grows, and they also find their life has more meaning and inspiration.


Lastly, we experience being in relationship with ourselves and others in the Core Star Dimension. Here is my favorite of the Brennan teachings, the concept that at the center of each living being is pure divine essence. The teaching is that our true inner healing path is to overcome the great “forgetting” and “separation” we carry, which causes us to think of ourselves as broken and identify more with self-judgements and lack. The healing goal is to instead experience and live our unique and beautiful Core Essence.

As a healer, I find that this orientation to wholeness brings deep healing potential and grace into energy work. In this way, healing work is not about “fixing” someone, but instead is about helping them remember who they truly are, and helping them connect to their inner light, their deeper soul’s purpose, and their connection to the divine.

Caring for the Healers – The Importance of Energy and Self-Care

Individuals with an interest in learning energy healing have open sensitive energy fields and giving hearts, which makes it especially important for them to learn ways to avoid depletion from “energy” over-caretaking. All of the practices I teach are oriented to help the healer strengthen their own energy field and empower them to better care for themselves on the energy level.

Priscilla Bright

(MPH Health Behavior – Boston University School of Medicine) is an international teacher/healer working with caregivers. She trained directly with Rick Hanson, Ph.D in his Positive Neuroplasticity Professional Course, and is Former School Dean of the international Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Her long-time energy-healing practice is in NYC.

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