Everyone is a psychic. That has an upside, and, frankly, a downside.

By Laura Day

You can use your psychic/intuitive abilities in your daily life to improve relationships, plan a better future, and, most importantly, feel better. You won’t need crystals, meditation or even belief. But you will need to train intuition, because whether it works for you or against you, it is always working.

Study the research on phenomena such as precognition and telepathy. You will be surprised at how much there is. But there is one vitally important aspect that is less widely talked about: how to use intuition to protect yourself from the psychic intrusion of others, which can interfere with your clarity and power.

If you are full of your best, you are more protected from what is sent to you by others. There are many ways to fully inhabit yourself, but here are a few:

  • Fill yourself with breath. You can use breathing techniques such as taking a breath for a count of four, holding it for four, and releasing it for four. Or you can simply get some aerobic exercise.
  • Have useful thoughts and actions ready to shift to when you experience discomfort or feel “not yourself.”
  • Notice the conversations you are having in your head, and, if they are not helpful, shift to conversations you want to be having. Don’t engage in endless mental discussions with no resolution. This takes discipline, but after a short time you will see either a) that the people who were “speaking” to you (exes, family members, coworkers) have to make an extra effort to engage with you, or b) that you’ve now ensured they don’t take up any more space in your life. This is the power of managed telepathy.

Intuition loves a focus. Here are some ways to find and use yours:

  • Pick your most important goal, and when anything happens during your day, ask yourself, “How does this affect my goal?” When you give intuition a clear task, it presents you with the information you need to make it happen.
  • Distractions come up in your life all the time. When you put them in the context of a goal, your intuition will direct you to opportunity, even in the most difficult situation. You will create synchronicities/meaningful coincidences by sending out your “request” at all times. You will find that people telepathically integrate your point of view and work with you instead of against you.
  • Every night before you go to sleep, write down your goal. When you awaken, notice where your attention goes, what and who is on your mind, and what memories you’re having. These things will inform you and sometimes even be predictive. More importantly, you’ll be intuitively and subconsciously prepared to make the most of your day.

Use intuition to experience the positive that you are building in your life by noticing the moments when you sense your New Reality. You will be amazed at the power intuition gives you to attract it.

Originally published on the online magazine Poosh – click HERE to view.


Laura Day, a renowned intuitive who has spent nearly forty years helping advise and train individuals, organizations and companies to harness their intuitive abilities to help achieve their goals, is the author of six bestselling books. MORE




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