Since the founding of our organization in 1984, love, respect and acceptance of ALL people has been in our DNA.

We are not only an urban center, but we exist in one of the most diverse places in the world. Very sadly, there has been a surge of violence against people of Asian descent in our own city and across our country, from earlier attacks on NYC subways to the recent atrocities in Atlanta. Violence against any human being is abhorrent, but when that violence is born out of racism, xenophobia and otherness then it’s doubly damaging to the society we’re working to build.

Please stand alongside us in our belief that we must #StopAsianHate. For the next eight nights, we will light a candle in memory of each victim from the recent shooting in Atlanta which directly targeted the Asian-Americans. We encourage our community to join us in this effort as we know that the collective is much more powerful than the individual.

If you’d like to further educate yourself on recent events and support those advocating to advance human and civil rights for all Asian Americans, here are some organizations to consider supporting:

Advancing Justice

Asians for Mental Health

Stop AAPI Hate

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