Below are just a few of the faculty and students whose lives have been impacted by The Open Center through the years.

“Thank you SO very much for running these events during these most difficult times!” – Janice L. Prodell

“I love The Open Center for having a diverse array of programs for the community… The Open Center is a wonderful community center and a precious asset to New York City that is now connecting people globally.” – Lea Mcgowan

“Thank you for the online offerings. For somebody who lives far from New York this is a wonderful way to share the experience.”

“I love The Open Center programs. Thank you so much for being an oasis for all of us looking for tranquility and healing.” – Martha Zabala

“Over 20 ago I was looking for a new fulfilling career and found The Open Center’s BTB Feng Shui Masters 3 year Program. It brought change into my life with learning Eastern medicine teachings and I found abilities with the other unseen realms that I didn’t know I can connect with. Now I am able to give back and lead the community to give guidance and bring healing for the community. The Open Center is a great resource and wonderful place and treasure for learning and expanding people’s horizons and health.” – Olivia Olkowski

“Please continue to offer virtual programming options after the pandemic. I no longer live near NYC, so it’s been very difficult to come into the city. I have enjoyed reconnecting with The Open Center.”

“I have been attending events through The Open Center for years and I believe it to be the ideal environment for spiritual growth, serenity and a profound source of inspiration and healing for myself and others. Specifically, Rita London’s weekly meditation class continually inspires me, grounds me, and is a welcome calm amidst the storm of life and I always feel blessed to be a part of it. I recommend everyone check out the multitude of diverse class offerings available at The Open Center and see for yourself how you can enhance your life.” – Lauren Michelina

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