Traditional Chinese Healing Arts Towards Becoming a Health Coach Certification: Part 1 – The Art of Healing With Food

Traditional Chinese Healing Arts Towards a Health Coach Certification, Part 2 – The Art of Healing With Herbs

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Richard Anton Diaz

Richard Anton Diaz

Richard Anton Diaz is the director and co-founder of the Traditional Chinese Healing Arts Academy, a certified teacher in the Universal Tao system founded by Master Mantak Chia and a professional Health Coach and Practitioner certified with the Trinity School of Natural Health. He is the North American representative for Alphay, a Chinese-based world leader in organic medicinal mushrooms that are formulated in the Five Element system of Traditional Chinese Medicine for health, longevity and spiritual development. Together, with Professor Drew Divittorio, Anton co-founded the Herbal Medicine and Nutrition Institute and provides basic QiGong and Tai Chi practices as well as the Taoist healing arts training which includes both Six Healing Sounds and Inner Smile, the Microcosmic Orbit and the solo Sexual Cultivation practices known as the Healing Love.