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We Can Heal Ourselves: The 4 Self-Healing Methods of Qigong

with Roger Jahnke

2 Sessions | Saturdays,  June 11 & June 18, 2022

3:00 – 5:00 pm ET


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The human system – Body-Mind-Spirit – is so profoundly endowed with naturally occurring healing and empowering capacities. It is tragic that, as a culture, we have been allured to believe otherwise. While “experts” simply neglect to let us know how incredible – and simple – the things are that we can do to heal ourselves, we are making this marvelous information available world-wide! Dr Jahnke well reveal and lead practice in the 4 Fundamental Self-Healing Methods from Chinese medical tradition — Qigong  – 1 Body Practice, 2 Breath Practice, 3 Self-initiated Massage, and 4 Mind Focus Practice (inner awareness, meditation).


We will meet for 2 hours for the first session to learn the practices, the benefits and the research. Then, we will have a week break to integrate and practice. A week later, we will meet again for 2 hours to deepen and refine the practice. These practices from Dr Jahnke’s revered book – The Healer Within – are accessible, easy to learn and practice and fun! After the class you can keep using them and even share them – for the rest of your life.


Healer Within Qigong practice activates the naturally occurring “Medicine Within” – The Healer Within.


We humans are far more powerful than we have been encouraged to know. It is a good time to be more ready, more resilient, more self-reliant. More empowered. Qigong is one of the most profound self-healing and self-empowering methods ever developed by the human race! Exciting! Invite Friends!


  • Prerequisites: N/A
  • Supplies list for the class: Recommended Reading – The Healer Within by Dr. Roger Jahnke, For Further Study – The Healing Promise of Qi by Dr. Roger Jahnke.
  • Zoom Software Requirements: This is an online course which requires Zoom webinar software. Zoom is easy to use. Click HERE to make sure your computer is set-up correctly.

Note: This program will now be offered online. It will be recorded and shared with registrants after each online program for three months (90 days).

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We Can Heal Ourselves: The 4 Self-Healing Methods of Qigong

  • 2 Session(s)
  • Jun 11 2022 3:00 PM ET





Roger Jahnke, OMD, is the founder and CEO of Health Action Synergies and the director and chief instructor of the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi in Santa Barbara, California. As the author of The Healer Within, Roger has dedicated his entire professional life to sharing the powerful ancient healing traditions that come from China. He is the co-founder and recent chairperson of the board of the National Qigong Association.



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