We are all healers.

Like any ability (athletic, musical, artistic, etc.), healing abilities are within each of us, and can be developed to the extent of our innate capacities. Healing energy can also be pooled in a collective way to create something much greater than the sum of its parts. Just like a candle flame, the more candles we combine, the greater the amount of Light we can generate.

While this may make sense, we understand that many, if not most people might think, that at the very least, we would need to be together in the same room in order to pool our energy. However, what we have come to learn, through our own direct experience, is that this is not the case, and healing energy can be pooled from a distance. In science, this is known as quantum nonlocality or action at a distance.

The human body naturally emits Light. From a measured standpoint, I have heard it said that an average person emits about 14 – 20 photons by cm2 per second, which is actually very low. Yet, in a meditative, heightened and/or higher state of awareness, we can increase this Light output dramatically.

In part, this involves learning:

  • How to slow our brain waves down and access our sub-conscious
  • How to cultivate and strengthen emotions such as love, kindness, compassion, acceptance, gratitude and forgiveness towards the world
  • Teaching ourselves how to connect more deeply with the invisible
  • Learning how to pool that energy for the greater good of all.

When light is focused through a magnifying glass it can start a fire. Concentrated even further, it can become a laser than can cut through steel. This is the nature of Light. It is one of the most powerful forces in the world. Additionally, one candle can light an infinite number of other candles without losing its original Light. This is also the nature of Light. It can share indefinitely without losing its original Source.

We can eradicate darkness in the world by shining Light upon it, and this is up to each of us. Darkness cannot be fought, reasoned, argued or debated away, it needs to be illuminated.

Rumi once said that “the language of God is silence, and all else is a poor interpretation.” If you believe this to be so, there is little that can be said or written to replace direct experience, be it mystical or otherwise. When Light output is increased and then pooled collectively, it leads to an experience that moves beyond words. We invite you to come experience this with us on December 4th.

The Future of Healing is Collective®
Collective Online Healing™

“I am mystified and amazed how we did this over the Internet!”

“Just as powerful online as in person, if not more so!”

“Amazing! I’ve had an eye irritation for the past few days that peaked after the session last night and was resolved when I woke this morning! Very very cool! The energy has helped with centering, focus and staying present too.”

“There was a point I felt something lifted off my chest and I was breathing so effortlessly and deeply. I slept so much better than usual too – my dreams were very clear and meaningful. Several of my friends that joined in, have reached out to me already and said how much they loved it too. Thank you so much!”

“That felt like a combination of chakra work, network chiropractic, travelling out of body and releasing, all with a joyful kind of buzz!”

“Amazing! I had horrible acid reflux, and by the middle of the session the symptoms were all gone. I slept really well that night too!”

“Last night’s event was amazing – my mind isn’t racing as much and I’m noticing more beautiful moments all day. The breakfast I made this morning tastes so good it feels like I’m on vacation!”

“I just want to share the extraordinary healing I’m getting – for years I have been in a wheelchair – what I have been feeling is out of this world. Thank you, thank you to the Universe and its majestic inhabitants.”

“In the few weeks that I have been participating I’m so much more relaxed. Nothing bothers me – it’s easy to be alive, even with the level of turmoil in the world.”

“I signed in at the last minute. My mind was racing, I couldn’t focus, and next thing I know the call had ended 30 minutes ago. How did that happen?”

“Thank you for the beautiful healing experience last night. I felt a different quality of energy that’s so different from the current anger, fear, and discord that we’re being bombarded with. It felt like a mental reset.”

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Collective Online Healing™: The Power of Collective Healing
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Friday, December 4, 2020, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm EST
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Collective Online Healing is not about any one person, it is about all of us working together, but it had to be started by someone.

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