As we hit the final stretch of election season, emotions, anxiety and stress seem to be at an all time high. The constant barrage of negative news certainly doesn’t help. In fact, a study released in the wake of the 2016 election by the American Psychological Association found that “two-thirds of Americans are stressed out over the future of the country, and the constant consumption of news was pinned as a major contributor.” (nbcnews.com)

This new psychological condition, referred to as “Headline Stress Disorder” has motivated us to reexamine the impact of election stress and explore how we can stay informed without sacrificing our health.

Here are our top tips for surviving the remainder of the election season.  Let’s take our health and wellbeing as seriously as the election.

  • Remember, we are more than our party affiliation. That goes for your friends and a family on the other side of the aisle, too.
  • Arguing won’t change anyone’s mind. Try listening instead – besides, we can’t learn if we are always talking. Use this time to understand why people with differing points of view think the way they do.
  • Take breaks from the news. You set screen time limits for your kids, what if you did the same?
  • Avoid doom-scrolling before bed. And yes, you can absolutely unfollow those friends on social media.
  • Empower yourself by finding opportunities to get involved and support the issues that are most important to you.
  • Seek out good news every day.
  • Engage in activities that reduce stress, like meditation, sound healing and qigong. Our full lineup of classes this week will definitely do the trick. Check them out. ⁠
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