Fermentation has been used to preserve food for thousands of years, turning simple fruits and vegetables into nutrient dense superfoods.

At the most basic level, fermentation uses a salt water brine to create an acidic, low oxygen environment that supports the growth of “good” bacteria and prevents the growth of harmful bacteria.

Most of our favorite fermented foods–yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, and pickles–are created by the lacto-fermentation process. Lacto-fermentation is a specific type of fermentation that uses lactobacillus bacteria to break down the sugars in the food and form lactic acid. Lactic acid is a natural preservative that fights bad bacteria and preserves the flavor, texture and nutrients of food.

On November 21st, be sure to check out the upcoming workshop, Fermenting Vegetables: From Sauerkraut to Probiotic Delicacies, with fermentation revivalist and James Beard Award winner, Sandor Katz. In this afternoon workshop, we will learn how simple it is to make our own kraut, kimchi and other delicious, health-promoting probiotic fermented delicacies.

Sandor Ellix Katz, a fermentation revivalist Michael Pollan calls the “Johnny Appleseed of Fermentation,” is the author of the classics in the field: Wild Fermentation and The Art of Fermentation, and has taught hundreds of fermentation workshops around the world that have helped catalyze a broad revival of the fermentation arts.

Fermenting Vegetables: From Sauerkraut to Probiotic Delicacies
An Afternoon Workshop
Saturday, November 21, 2020 | 2:00 – 4:00 pm EST
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