Your generous contributions to The Open Center make a difference.

Founded in the heart of New York City in 1984, The Open Center’s leading-edge and dynamic programming reflects the rich diversity of this great city we call home. For 36 years, The Open Center has remained committed to providing programs of different practices, traditions and belief systems. With your support, we can continue another 36 years of pursuit to build a more multicultural, sustainable and just world. Thank you.

Your funding supports:

  • The country’s longest-running urban center for holistic teaching and training.

  • A robust and diverse offering of programs defined not by mainstream popularity, but by our mission to uphold the world’s most important ancient traditions as well as new, leading-edge practices, exploring the development of the body, psyche, spiritual faculties, creative arts and the social and ecological transformation of society.

  • A commitment to ensure access to our programs for all; through attainable pricing; scholarships for low income and multicultural communities; as well as professional development scholarships for veterans.

  • 25 years (and growing) of ground-breaking programming through the Art of Dying Institute and the Esoteric Quest.

  • Crisis-response initiatives, such as New Yorkers For New York, which provides free tools and resources for anxiety and stress relief during moments of our greatest need.

  • Free weekly community sound healing and meditation.

  • Maintaining and expanding an extensive digital library on Western Esotericism.

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