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The Magic Window of Renaissance Art

with Mary Attwood, m.a.


A Morning Workshop
Saturday, May 22, 2021, 10:00 – 11:30 am ET

This workshop can be taken individually or as part of the 3-part series Opening the Magic Window Into the Mysterious and Numinous. Click HERE for complete information and to register at the special combo price.

We might catch a glimpse through windows that open our perceptions, hearts and minds to something forgotten or perhaps never even realized was there. Often these experiences come when we least expect them and take us by surprise. But sometimes these windows wait for a shift in perception in us, just like the beautiful works of art which wait patiently in our galleries and museums for us to notice them with the right eyes.

Mary Attwood’s magic window is art – and in particular, Renaissance art. This was a pivotal moment in our history where works of art were literally windows to other worlds; they were not dead objects to be analyzed but were understood as alive, animate beings which enabled a deepening and broadening of perception into the nature of existence. In fifteenth-century Renaissance Florence the vast outpouring and flourishing of the image through architecture, sculpture and painting, embodied philosophical and symbolic ways of seeing, knowing and being.

Works of art from this time were created to awaken the senses, intellect and soul and move both seer and image into a space of beholding. We will look at Fra Angelico’s Annunciation and Botticelli’s Birth of Venus to discover that these are not just beautiful images, but are living presences, ever-changing, alive and animate.

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The Magic Window of Renaissance Art

  • 1 Session(s)
  • May 22 2021 10:00 AM ET





Mary Attwood, M.A., is an art historian, writer, teacher, lecturer and a business creator. She is also a qualified practitioner of mindfulness, yoga and meditation. Mary holds an MA (with distinction) in Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred, and a BA in The History of Art, focusing on Italian late medieval and Renaissance art and architecture.


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